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Author Topic: Assignment I : Profile and Objective  (Read 25238 times)
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« on: January 31, 2011, 10:57:29 AM »

Post you profile and objective, as well as your photo

Please copy and paste from MSword file you write.
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Kelun Kim Babauta
4th Year, Computer Graphice and Multimedia

My name is Kelun Kim Babauta. I am from the island called Saipan. My nationality is half Chamorro (American) and half Korean. I am the oldest of three. My hobbies are running long distance (cross country) and /or short distance (track and field) and tahitian (hula) dancing. I graduated from Saipan Southern High School and now I am a fourth year student studying in Bangkok University International College majoring in Computer Graphic and multimedia. My future goal is to become an officer in the U.S Military (Army).

Because I am a senior I have worked on alot of different programs but the programs that I love to work on are Adobe Photoshop retouching, Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver (website design), Typography, Graphic Design, 3D Maya, Drawing and Illustration, and Video communication. I know I have alot of new information to learn and I am willing to open my mind and learn from the teacher and fellow classmate.
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Sutthinee S.
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I am a sophomore student, studying in Computer Graphic and Multimedia major.  My name is Sutthinee Sutthasean, you can call me Emmie.  My birthday is on July 9, 1991.  I came from The Demonstation of Ramkhamhang University. In my free time, I like to rolling on my bed and watch movie, I love to watch movie. 
I'm the youngest sister, in my house, I have 5 persons in my family, there are mother, father, two big brothers, and me. I also have 2 dogs, I like to playing with them. My hometown is on Ladprao Road., trafic around here always drive me crazy. I want to move to a places nearby Bangkok University but around there are so expensive, so I have to deal with it. Anyway, I enjoy studying at Bangkok University in Computer Graphic and Multimedia major. I choose this major because I don't know what I like most, all I can do best is about art.
My Father would like me to study in international program, he said it could make bright future for me. At first I have a bit nervous, I'm not good at English but I'll do my best. Now I'm really happy with English, my English is not quite good but I can communicate. My favorite programs are PhotoShop and Illustrator, I like it because It's easy and so simple.
Sometime I'm not sure what I want to be in the future but most of the time that I always thinking of is Fashion Designer. I like to dress up, I want to have my own brand and design clothes for people who love to dress up same as I did. Now I can't choose the way for my life, I don't know which way is better for me, but all I have to do is learn more about everything, so someday I will know exactly what is my thing, what I really want to be.
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Voraphan Ngampittayaporn
1521002830 Roll Eyes

   My name is Voraphan Ngampittayaporn, My nickname is “Ton”. I’m 20 years old I was graduated from Wat Rajabopit School. I studied in Sci–math program in high school. After graduated from high school I think to be an engineering that I pass in Environment engineering before entrance examination that I waiver because I think in entrance examination I choose the better major choice than Environment engineering that I choose IT and media-tech that I failed. So I choose Bangkok University because it’s near my home and have major that I want to learn. I choose Computer Graphic and Multimedia because I think design can use in the future and I like to design and I get a lot of experience for the past two years, relationship with new friends and studied something news that I never studied any program from high school. But now I very happy because I can learn what I like and have many friends.
   I would like to learn about how to use tools in program, tricks, tips and technique. I also learn from the first step to last step. by now I really don’t have any specific program that I want to learn special because I want to learn it all before I determine which program I like most. I’m very impress and hoping to learn more from this class.
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Varis 1521003838

          My name is Varis Ananjarungsuk, or you can call me pof. I graduated from Sarasas Witaed Suksa School. I think I always like to use the computer to do something in everyday and want design too. So that why’s I chose major computer graphic. And why did I decide to study at BUIC, because of I think I want to improve in English language, all of multimedia in this major and it not far from my home. When I came and studied at BUIC I think I like there, I pay attention in class to get the good score. I can use many programs likes Adobe Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Director, Flash, Firework, Word, Excel, and Power Point. I feel good that can use it for create the good work. I think the idea is the important thing to do in the work. And it can use with everything. It can help me to practice my skill. I interest 3D animation, graphic design, Illustration, something that looks fantastic.
          Now I’m studying in principle of programming course. I think it can be difficult things for me because I don’t ever know about that before. But it might be help me to get new things, some trick or new technique that can be benefit and interesting to me. I think this course can make me know about computer language, java script, and many things about it that I don’t know. It might be thing that makes many people feel headache, don’t remember code. But I will try to pay attention every lesson in this course.
          Finally, I think when I already passed this course, I can do many things about programming and bring it to use for benefit in my life even though it might be difficult thing to many people but for me I will do my best and get the good things in this course.
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Natthakit     ID: 1521003366

   My name is Natthakit Larpsumphunchai, or you can call me Peak. I graduated from Udomsuksa School; it’s located at Ladprao 94. Back at my high school I never, and I mean ever learn about any programming, or anything other than Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator before, so what I had learned in Buic for the past two years about computer was very challenging and mind-blowing experiences. Now, I want to continue learning as much as I can when I still study here in Buic for the knowledge and my future.
   I really don’t have any specific program that I want to study right now, because I want to study it all first before deciding which one fit me the most, or interest me the most, then I could say I want to study it. But from my humble and such little experience, I could say a program that link to Photoshop would interest me the most, or I could say I prefer it.
   So these are my profile and opinions about me and what program do I interested in. It is not that much, but I think it can gives you a little of my perspective and viewpoint. In the end, I really excite and looking forward on all of this new knowledge ahead of me. After all, everything that link to graphic is all interesting for me.
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Sahawat Hiranwatana      1521001527

   First, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Sahawat Hiranwattana, 19 years old. I graduated grade 12 from Sarasas Ektra School since 2009 and continued study in Bangkok University International College, major of Computer Graphics and Multimedia. My career of being a student, actually, started just the moment once I step in this university because I think things that I’ve learnt since previous school was completely unusable, especially for Maths.
   When I was in the previous school I was a member in a Symphonic band. So my primary duty, apart from studying, was to rehearse and practice. I played percussion and the instrument I familiar with the most is Timpani; a very huge drum in a classical concert band. And the latest concert that I’ve been played with my schoolmates were “TIWEC 2010, Thailand International Wind Ensemble Contest”, which held at Mahidol University. We won the first prize.
Since the previous school, I’ve been train to make people achieve things through sound. How can we make people appreciate in our songs, how can we transfer our feelings through our performances. That’s what I’ve been trained. But here, especially in this career, we have to achieve those goals by just only “Visual”. That’s a very big different!
   I chose this career because I wanted to make things clear, to transfer our senses of creativity to viewers. We can make things touchable and understandable. I most favorite things that I like in designing are making 3D models, taking photographs and learning coding because those things can bring me into my own imagination, an imagination that would bring me everywhere I want.
   In the future, I don’t exactly know which way I would like to walk the most. But until now I wanted to learn about making applications for Iphone and Andriod because I think that these two operating OS has a great impact on our world on technology. Even a very small step that took has a very great leap to our globe, just like the slogan of “Iphone4, this changes everything again.”
   I think that would be enough for my introduction. I look forward to learn new things from this course because I love new knowledge, especially about computers.
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About me

I’m Panida Minglattikorn. Please call me “Yui”. My high school is Assumption Commercial Collage (ACC) on Sathorn Road. I choose to learn in the computer business major. So, I choose to learn continue about computer because I have basic for some program Ex. Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustration, Flash, Firework, SPSS, Microsoft Publisher, Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Visual Basic etc. But I don’t like programming because it needs to remember code for program and has to fix for code in program. So, I choose to learn computer graphic because it open on the idea and I like to see about graphic animation, I think, If I learn Computer graphic I have to feel happy. But I have a little skill for graphic.

So, I choose BUIC and choose to learn in the Computer Graphic and Multimedia Major. Because BUIC is near my home and I want to improve for English language. When I learn Computer Graphic at BUIC. I know, have many things that I need to learn and improve my skill. Have many programs unknown and some program I know only basic. So, I need to specialist for introduce me and hope me for improve my skill. In the future, I want to use every technique for my work. I have a dream for the design about animation or working with movie.

   I’m not smart. It is not easy for me to understand everything in the lesson. But I intend to learn for improve my skill. Please to help me, and sympathize with me if I do not understand the lesson. Please to suggest for me.

Panida  Minglattikorn
ID: 1521000123
Section: 5281
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Pawin akkapipat   ID:1521000115

My name is Pawin Akkapipat. Nick name is Ro. I am 19 years old. My high school is Assumption commercial college at Sathron Road. Major study is Computer business. In here I had to learn many program such as illustrator, photoshop , firework, dreamweaver,flash,visual basic and foxpro but just basic. I choose to study computer graphic and multimedia at BUIC because close to home and I have basic about program. I have some problem in BUIC is my English language not good.
     I like to design and when I have assignment I will make that best for me because when my work good I will Proud. At BUIC I get to know anything increase about technique, color, creative and art. I like to know new program and new knowledge. In future I want to be Animator / CG Artist 
     I will attention to learn in your class for improve me and I will hard work for assignment. I think you will help to improve me .
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Danusorn Arunsukon 1521002525

I’m Danusorn Arunsukon, my friends call me Big. I came from Sesawech Vitthaya school at Jaransanitwong road, I choose to learned in the science-math major.

I like to learn about the skills of design, almost I like the technique like a basic things because I have no basic about graphic design before, so I hope I will get everything to help me to improve and can be use in real time in the future. I really don’t like to learn about animation because I want to focus on design, but I also like about the program to make the video. I accept everything of all the classes; in the future I will apply every technique on my works. I just hope I will get everything as much as I can.

I don’t limit what I want to learn but I just want those thing can be use in the real time. I hope this class will help me to improve my skill.
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Pornpailin  1521000180

   My name is Pornpailin Pradittakorn and my nick name is Ploy. last 2 years I graduated from Satriwittaya School .When I was studying at striwittaya School I learned about the Chinese section. I learned that at Satriwittaya School for 6 years before graduation and Then come to the study at Bangkok university international collage I'm interested in computer graphics and multimedia major.Because before I came on here I'm interested in learning about the Fashion Design. I want to be a designer and Then want to study abroad. It make me choose to learn about computer graphics. And choose to learn International University, but I'm not good in languages and not good at computer graphics. But I will try to make it the best.     On a program that I like best is the Photoshop and Dreamweaver because it easy to do and i like to design about the website ,In the Photoshop this program is very interesting because it can prepare the image to beautiful and decorated with a variety of tools to use. And can load more tools from the internet such as brush , text. It is made easy and can do many things make me love this Program.and And the dreamweaver is a program that I don't like it at first time. Is a program that is very difficult. I  can't understand it when I do this Pro gram. This Program is busy, Makes me very confused when I do.But when I do it successfully. Makes me very proud to have a website of myself.
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Phitthayaporn  Vongkittiwat

My name is Phitthayaprn Vongkittiwat. I’m from Satriwithaya School. I like to draw picture and interest about animation when I study at high school. I like to read cartoon then it make I want to be an animator 2D or 3D. My inspiration would be the animation from Japan “Fate/Stay/Night”.
My favorite program is Adobe illustrator because it easy to draw and paint. Adobe Illustrator is a graphic design tool based on vector drawing. You can create excellent drawing presentations like logos, graphics and maps, thanks to its wide range of tools that focus on producing high-quality details. With Adobe Illustrator you can scan and colour comics, join different image files to create a final product, align elements without losing reference to a specific object, change colours faster, ensure that the contours of the graphics don’t change when you change the size, make silhouettes and crop photos, insert shading and textures, change the colour percentages, create maps, flags and much more.
About the program in class Dropbox. Dropbox is a Web-based file hosting service that uses cloud computing to enable users to store and share files and folders with others across the Internet using file synchronization. The Dropbox client enables users to drop any file into a designated folder that is then synced with Dropbox's Internet service and to any other of the user's computers and devices with the Dropbox client. Users may also upload files manually through a web browser. Through these usages, it can be an alternative to couriering physical removable media, and other traditional forms of file transfer. But it have some problem such as if one person who did work in Dropbox folder, other work in that folder are change.
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There’s a girl was born in 1989 and she’s the youngest of her family member, that girl was me. I am Ratanporn Witayanont. I have two sisters. I like to drawing and painting when I have free time and sometimes go to travelling out of town .When I was 15. I’m in College of fine art which this place make me can improve my drawing, painting and many things in art.
After I graduate this college . I don’t know what I want to study next. The only thing I know is I don’t want to leave my art skill but I don’t want to do only drawing or painting I just want to know more. One day my friends told me that in Bangkok University has English program and also has computer graphic major too. At first I think it was cool to have English program so I can improve my English too. But about the computer graphic I’m not sure what it is. Then my friend told me that it has drawing and has many interesting program to do art in computer and in other reason is because this age is all cyber and modern world everything is all about computer and I also think that when I know the art and computer also and then I can apply it together I might be benefit for me to have a wide opportunity to find a good job and a good salary so, finally I decided to join this program.
About the program I want to learned .Let me mentioned it before I tell you what program I want to learn. Because I’m in the 2nd years now I already knew the photoshop, Illustrator, indesign…etc. So in this year I want to know more about 3d and 4d program, So I hope I can do this 3d and 4d when I finished this program.

Ratanaporn Witayanont 1521004752

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Atip Thepsongkroh
ID 1521001253
   My name is Atip Thepsongkroh, you can call me pond. I was graduated from Sarasas Ektra School, I studied here since I was in kg.3; it’s located at Sathupradit road. After the graduated I have to choose my future, first I dreamed to be a fashion designer but I know that I’m bad in portrait drawing so I have to reject this dream. In the entrance examination I tried my best, so I can get in Silpakorn University in hotel management major, but my mum doesn’t let me go and study there. So I design to study here at Bangkok University because it’s near my home. I choose computer graphic and multimedia because I think its fit me the most and I love to design too, I know that I can do it well. At first, I have to studied alone because I don’t know how to make a relationship with others; I never change the school before so I don’t know how to qualify myself.  But now I’m very happy because I have a lot of friends, a lot of funs and mostly I’ve learn what I like.
   I would like to learn about the tips in each design programs that can help me works easily. I also would like to learn about the tools technique and how to adjust my design.  I don’t like to learn about the animation, I really hate the animation.
 I will try my best in this class because I want to improve my skills. I want to be a professional designer and photography too.
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Sitthipong Jenkijjaroenchai
   My name Sitthipong Jenkijjaroenchai or can call me “M”. Now I’m 20 years old. Before I come to study at BUIC, I’m graduated from Sarasas Ektra School. I’m choose to study at BUIC in major computer graphic because I like to drawing a picture and I want to study more about graphic design to improve my ability to make me get a good job in the future when I’m graduated. My future plan I want to be a graphic designer or a web producer and I want to have my own studio to show some of my work. My favorite graphic designer is Stefan Sagmeister he is very famous in graphic design I like his work and the way he think and how he create his work or of the process of his work. I think if I want to improve I must watch a lot of work and try to create it out practice a lot and make understanding and find my own style and I also have some of my favorite website such as,,, and etc. My favorite sports are football and basketball and my favorite football club is Man UTD and my favorite football player is Wayne Rooney. I like to eat Thai food I think Thai food is the most delicious food in the world. In my free time I like to read some book, play game, play football with my friend and watching televison.
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