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Author Topic: Final Project Proposal Presentation  (Read 17594 times)
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Triangulation Concept:
Visual Interest, International Impacts and Design Methods.

Connecting these idea and producing Interactive Multimedia Application.
Transcending historical boundaries; eternal: trans historical
Iconography is the branch of art history which studies the identification, description, and the interpretation of the content of images: the subjects depicted, the particular compositions and details used to do so, and other elements that are distinct from artistic style. The word iconography comes from the Greek εἰκών ("image") and γράφειν ("to write"). A secondary meaning (based on a non-standard translation of the Greek and Russian equivalent terms) is the production of religious images, called icons, in the Byzantine and Orthodox Christian tradition; that is covered at Icon. In art history, "an iconography" may also mean a particular depiction of a subject in terms of the content of the image, such as the number of figures used, their placing and gestures. The term is also used in many academic fields other than art history, for example semiotics and media studies, and in general usage, for the content of images, the typical depiction in images of a subject, and related senses. Sometimes distinctions have been made between Iconology and Iconography, although the definitions, and so the distinction made, varies. When referring to movies, genres are immediately recognizable through their iconography, motifs that become associated with a specific genre through repetition.

Interface Design Check List:
1. Control
2. Consistency
   2.1  Type face and font size
   2.2  Color tone
   2.3 Illustration
   2.4 Navigation System
   2.5 Interaction
   2.6 Templates
3. Simplicity
4. Feed Back
5. Visual Uniformity
6. Balance
7. Alignment
8. Contrast
9. Proximity
10. Aesthetic

How to name your application:
1.  The two-part name: The best app names sometimes use a simple convention of pairing the basic function of the app with a word that enhances it. Think of Evernote, Wunderlist and Tweetbot as prime examples.
2.  Be authentic: Conforming to trends is a good way to be labelled "phony" and "knock-off". Make sure your name doesn't sound too conspicuously close to a popular app.
3.  Be clear: Since clarity and recognisability are so important, make sure they take the front seat when deciding on a name. Can you tell what the app "PicDish" does? Of course. You take photos of dishes/meals. Done.
4.  Pronounceability: It used to be cute to take all the vowels out of a name, but once that trend started to die, you can see that it usually left people frustrated about how to say something. While you have complete licence to make up new words (eg Peggle), use caution when making words that are hard to say.
5. Stick to sentence/camel-case: If you notice your collection of apps, most use sentence-case (eg Cut the Rope) or camel-case eg ScoreCenter). It may sound like a good idea to differentiate and make yours start with a lowercase letter or be all-caps, but really, it delegitimises your app quicker than anything else. People will buy what they trust, and breaking the upper/lower convention is a quick way to look sketchy.
6. Stick to under 11 characters: Short and concise is the way to go. Long names are arduous to read and won't look right in someone's collection of apps. Lauren Sutton explores this topic in her article "11 Characters or Less".
7. When it comes to domain names and Twitter handles, availability becomes even less than that in the App Store. Get creative. Use a suffix such as "app" to distinguish yourself or a prefix like "go" or "get" to invoke action.
8. Use name generators: If you're really stuck for what to call your app, you might get a nudge in the right direction by using a name generator such as or The best way to use these is as kick-starters for new directions or ideas.
9. Do your homework: The worst thing that can happen is spending countless hours developing an app, submitting it to the App Store, getting it approved, but noticing that you're using a name that someone else has trademarked for their business. Even if there are no legal ramifications, you'll want to set yourself apart from what could be a widely recognised name for an entirely other reason. Get on Google and research every last permutation of your name. It may be a bummer to have to go back to the drawing board, but it will save you some flack later on.
10. Take your time: While there isn't a magic formula for coming up with an app that will pocket you millions, the app you've got has the potential for success. If it's finished and in the App Store, it's just waiting for someone to find it, and giving it a great name is where to start.
In a sea of apps and icons, it may just be the name that sets it apart. Don't let it be an afterthought - you've put time in to developing this thing, so take time in finding the right name. What you name it should shout from the mountaintops what it is and what it does, since you will most likely only have that first impression.
Credit: Dan Rose

How should you spend on 5 minutes presentation
1. Introduction of yourself, name and project name clear and slow.
2. What is your project about, inspiration, question and objective.
3. Method of your project, how you created.
4. What is the result of finding, features and outcome.
5. Discussion of success, failure, problem, solution and future development.

Duration 4 - 5 Minutes each students.

How to submit final project (5 points)
1. Post your Main interface design JPEG (hi) not wider then 800 Pixel (1 point)
2. Post your brief idea concept of you contents. (1 point)
3. Share Dropbox Link of you Director Run Time (.EXE file) (1.5 point)
4. Share Dropbox links of your Director Source file including imported movies (.DIR file)  (1.5 point)
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The concept behind the game was to make a simple yet complex enough game to create and play. The game was made in 16:9 aspect ratio to make it work on the widest variety of computers. Ctrl + and Ctrl - can be used to fit the game on screen better.

The Game

The Files

Max Caravitis

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My final project is a game I created called 'Basement Aliens'. It's a simple shooting game created with pixel graphics.

Game File:

Paula Lyzhelle Garcia

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App name: WH Discovery
For my Final project, I made application about 5 best UNESCO World Heritage sites that audience should visit. In 2014, 26 new properties were inscribed so I decided to do the 5 interesting ones. The Audiences are travelers and people who are interested in world heritage itself, and nature. My objective is to inform those people about new World Heritage Sites because I assumed not many people know some of the places yet.
The design, ince World Heritage is cultural and natural, I focused to use blue (for ocean) and green (for land). And to emphasize some stuff (like title, and icons), I chose orange because opposite of blue and green is orange.
Director File
Exe File

Misaki Yaguchi
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My Final Project Proposal is Superhero at DC Comics is Batman. I will compare between Tim Burton Batman Suit Movie and Christopher Nolan Batman Suit movie. I think that Batman is turning 75 this year as well as BATMAN: The 75-Year Evolution Of The Bat suit. To celebrate, Warner Bros. is holding a year-long celebration for the Batman, complete A while back, the folks over at Screen rant produced a handy info graphic that covers most of Batman's looks over the years. Which are Bat suit design  to change and  what is the Bat suit look like in these movies ? This is for explain about Bat Suit Movies.
Tim Burton Batman Movies : Batman (1989) Bat suit is SHIFTINESS means The designers must have seen a nuclear power plant lay waste to the waters of Gotham, because the genetic code of the Bat suit shifted dramatically between its first and second big screen incarnations. Here we see an all-black (save for the yellow pelvic logo) suit comprised ostensibly of galvanized rubber, armed with defensive secularist fins, and topped with a substantially more constricting headpiece. Because the '80s weren't about silly things like comfort or function ability. The sequel of Tim Burton's Movies is Batman Returns (1992) Bat suit is CONSTITUTIONS means Keaton and Burton's second go saw few changes to the Bat suit... though that bat mask does seem a little angrier this time...

Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy Movies : Batman Begins (2005) Bat Suit is SERIOUS means Now things of design are getting serious. With a bat mask that allows not even for the occasional smile, the suit that reared its upsetting head in the Nolan era did away with any hint of color (be it yellow, silver, or gray), kept its contours angular, and found a fair balance between statuesque and athletic. The sequel of Movie is The Dark Knight (2008) Bat suit is ANGRINESS means The design is The Dark Knight slapped Bale's sophomore uniform with a bit more pizzazz in the torso area — not showing off human muscles, per SE, but an exoskeleton design reminiscent of weaponry. Dark times, those aughts. And Third Movie is The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Bat Suit is CROSFITUS means the design is Sleeker, slighter, and stocked with arm straps and shoulder pads. The most extreme species of Bat suit we've yet to see.
My Application Director Run Time (.EXE file)
My Director Source file (.DIR file)
My video

Name Worapon Ratanavetsiri
ID 1541007066
Section 5381

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I will make an application about Line Creator's Sticker.
In this app will present the comparison about Line sticker from creator in different country.
 -show the identity of sticker from different country
 -a bit about marketing ex. target customer, passion of people in each country

Thanyathorn Klongkitkarnkha (N.26)
1551006602 sec.

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I make  application about interior design.This app will show the comparison about interior design in different
country like  Europe, Asia it have different interior design

Niyuta Lapanusorn
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Japanese car and European car
  strength of stell. Japanese car design is look old but European car is look modern and European car engine is more fast than japanese car.

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Final project : Compare character of Doraemon and Scooby doo

Kulpreeya  Aungsongkiat




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Chonnicha  Krongsiriwat

My final project : Portable Music Player .dir  .exe

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Topic: Introduction to Modern Sign Language (with a focus on American Sign Language / ASL)

Application: Introducing users to a range of basic signs in ASL, and how to politely interact with Hearing Impaired / Deaf persons the user could encounter in the workplace / public.
Also featured is a short history into the foundation of ASL as a formalized system, including an visual analysis of hand signs in ASL (non-representative hand signs) vs. Natural sign language (intuitive signs / representative hand signs).

Application visual style: Modern / Efficient graphic styling (i.e. Flat Graphics, Minimalistic). Ui reference styles: iOS 8, Playstation 4. (Motion Graphics, UI, transition effects)

Program .EXE file:

Director File:

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Nan Ei Ei Moe Thwin
number -9

My final project : comparing between serif and san-serif typeface when, who invented , how useful?and how people think about it..

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Paw Lu Aung
My final project is about comparing between Times New Roman and Arial typeface.
I used Photoshop and Adobe Director to create my application. In my application,
there are History, Uses of typefaces and Gallery pages.

Thank you

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ID 1551003351
Final Project - I make application about evolution of coca cola for bottle and logo .
DIR. :
EXE. :

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Vutipong Panichpakdeekul
Final Project : video game 8 bit , 16 bit and 32 bit
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