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Author Topic: Assignment II: Research on Innovation Techniques  (Read 11598 times)
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Assignment II: Research on Innovation Techniques

Interface Design Check List:
1. Control
2. Consistency
   2.1  Type face and font size
   2.2  Color tone
   2.3 Illustration
   2.4 Navigation System
   2.5 Interaction
   2.6 Templates
3. Simplicity
4. Feed Back
5. Visual Uniformity
6. Balance
7. Alignment
8. Contrast
9. Proximity
10. Aesthetic

How to name your application:
1.  The two-part name: The best app names sometimes use a simple convention of pairing the basic function of the app with a word that enhances it. Think of Evernote, Wunderlist and Tweetbot as prime examples.
2.  Be authentic: Conforming to trends is a good way to be labelled "phony" and "knock-off". Make sure your name doesn't sound too conspicuously close to a popular app.
3.  Be clear: Since clarity and recognisability are so important, make sure they take the front seat when deciding on a name. Can you tell what the app "PicDish" does? Of course. You take photos of dishes/meals. Done.
4.  Pronounceability: It used to be cute to take all the vowels out of a name, but once that trend started to die, you can see that it usually left people frustrated about how to say something. While you have complete licence to make up new words (eg Peggle), use caution when making words that are hard to say.
5. Stick to sentence/camel-case: If you notice your collection of apps, most use sentence-case (eg Cut the Rope) or camel-case eg ScoreCenter). It may sound like a good idea to differentiate and make yours start with a lowercase letter or be all-caps, but really, it delegitimises your app quicker than anything else. People will buy what they trust, and breaking the upper/lower convention is a quick way to look sketchy.
6. Stick to under 11 characters: Short and concise is the way to go. Long names are arduous to read and won't look right in someone's collection of apps. Lauren Sutton explores this topic in her article "11 Characters or Less".
7. When it comes to domain names and Twitter handles, availability becomes even less than that in the App Store. Get creative. Use a suffix such as "app" to distinguish yourself or a prefix like "go" or "get" to invoke action.
8. Use name generators: If you're really stuck for what to call your app, you might get a nudge in the right direction by using a name generator such as or The best way to use these is as kick-starters for new directions or ideas.
9. Do your homework: The worst thing that can happen is spending countless hours developing an app, submitting it to the App Store, getting it approved, but noticing that you're using a name that someone else has trademarked for their business. Even if there are no legal ramifications, you'll want to set yourself apart from what could be a widely recognised name for an entirely other reason. Get on Google and research every last permutation of your name. It may be a bummer to have to go back to the drawing board, but it will save you some flack later on.
10. Take your time: While there isn't a magic formula for coming up with an app that will pocket you millions, the app you've got has the potential for success. If it's finished and in the App Store, it's just waiting for someone to find it, and giving it a great name is where to start.
In a sea of apps and icons, it may just be the name that sets it apart. Don't let it be an afterthought - you've put time in to developing this thing, so take time in finding the right name. What you name it should shout from the mountaintops what it is and what it does, since you will most likely only have that first impression.
Credit: Dan Rose

How should you spend on 5 minutes presentation
1. Introduction of yourself, name and project name clear and slow.
2. What is your project about, inspiration, question and objective.
3. Method of your project, how you created.
4. What is the result of finding, features and outcome.
5. Discussion of success, failure, problem, solution and future development.

Duration 4 - 5 Minutes each students.

How to submit final project (5 points)
1. Post your Main interface design JPEG (hi) not wider then 800 Pixel (1 point)
2. Post your brief idea concept of you contents. (1 point)
3. Share Dropbox Link of you Director Run Time (.EXE file) (1.5 point)
4. Share Dropbox links of your Director Source file including imported movies (.DIR file)  (1.5 point)

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Miniature As Art.

I am going to talk about Miniature as Art. What is Miniature art? about the History Advantages and A journey through the Miniature Wonderland.

The Society encourages artists to become involved in the exciting world of miniaturism.

Final exe:

Final Dir:

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Raveena_1541005698_Forced Perspective..
Name: Raveena Gambhir
ID: 1541005698

Final Project
Topic: Forced Perspective.
File type: Adobe Director

File type: Movie.

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valaiphan Sakulyanasorn 1541002612

Content: flip book for kids

I will create a bed time story for kid that can use in any device
and use flip book techniques to make it interesting to read.

Program: FlipHTML5 to flip book

Dropbox link:

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Vip Thanapinanchai 1541000053

Project Title :
Global Talent on Board

Reason Behind :
Have you ever got bored with the same presentation, common brochure, or text on paper? That's all boring. This project aim to have more creative and interactive way to deliver the message to our Target Audience who is mainly students, we start with the Brochure to make it like Paper Plane which our Target Audience can fold it and reveal all action steps as well as to link with full information, We decided not to put everything in brochure to make it still simple but we link full information with QR code which will show in website.

Technique :
• For Website : Parallax Scrolling Web Design
• For Brochure : Fold Paper + QR Code

Visual Art :
• Minimal Art
• Flat Design

Content :
• 9 Steps of How to go Global Talent Internship?

Expected Outcome :
• More attractive way to deliver message to Target Audience in both Physical and Virtual Way
• Stronger Branding of Global Talent in Creative and Interactive Way

Final Presentation

Concept : Flat Design and Parallax Website as current trend now to improve Boring Global Internship Exchange Program Steps on Paper become interactive and interesting.
Website Link :
Source File Link :


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thanyapat assawajindakul 1541006035

-my topic is shift focus in film
-My concept want to show people what is the shifts focus and I create it for easy understanding on adobe director programming.
-I makes it by Ps,Ai and Di
-Featuring playful interactive illustrations and a lovely soft focus effect

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Yanisa Sittirungrueangsin 1541003123

- My Portfolio (take my inspiration designer to be new style.) represent my designing identity and living style
  by use stop motion effect present on website that responsive on smartphone’s OS, tablet, Ipad and normally show on desktop screen.
- From stationary such as name card or contact card connect to my portfolio website by NFC/QR Code (not sure)



- Yung-Chen Nieh - Nieh is most famous for his careful arrangements of the fonts and his peculiar
  sensitivity to the various forms of language with their corresponding visuals.
  Nieh is now the proprietor of Aaron Nieh Workshop. Nieh is most famous for his careful arrangements
  of the fonts and his peculiar sensitivity to the various forms of language with their corresponding visuals.
- Kenya Hara - Japanese graphic designer and curator. He is a graduate of Musashino Art University.
  He has been the art director of Muji since 2001. Kenya Hara has published “Designing Design”,
  in which  he elaborates on the importance of “emptiness” in both the visual and philosophical
  traditions of Japan.


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Chatchai Rodcharoen

-Parallax Scrolling
-shift focus

Research from

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I will do about Designer of air jordan shoe.
-Parallax Scrolling
-shift focus
-interective illustrator

 This is research ....

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Kantapich Buthdong 1541002133

How to get attractive cosplay photography : 3 Most style of cosplay photograph

Connect bookmark that has QRcode with ebook or portfolio

Technical & effect
Connect QR Code with bookmark to contents (URL)

Visual art
- Photography



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Piyada 1541006795

electronic book + mini games
The Rabbit and The Tortoise

- AI, PS, Manga Studio, AE, Director

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Vichaya Srivarakulkij
Concept Art of Fantasy CG painting project
(Electronic art book)

-pen tool sai
-camtasia studio


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Thun Limkriengkrai

Content: Information based in Istanbul, Turkey. A map of Istanbul including top must-see attractions.

Techniques & Effects: Interactive, Parallax

Visual Art: Minimalism , Inter-culture design and Contemporary Art.

Inspirations: Artist, Pouran Jinchi New York based artist, Iranian Origin
His linked:

Programs Use: PS+Adobe Director


Final Presentation 24/11/14

Application "Turquoise-town" is an application for travelling in Istanbul, Turkey for Microsoft Windows.
Design Inspirations: Minimalism
Inspired Artist: Pouran Jinchi
Design: Combining significant art and culture of Turkey into more minimal, more modern and less details
Using Iconic symbols of Turkish people such as Fatima Hand. Using Blue Color Tones as The word Turkey means Turquoise.

Director Run Time Link:

Director Source files Link:

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