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Author Topic: Assignment XIII : --------------- Final Project --------------- "CHANGE"  (Read 8279 times)
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For poster topic “Change” I think "Six Degrees Could Change the World" it good topic to introduce about will change occur in the future of world and disasters if we hot to protect nature.

Some to saying…. Maybe one day do not have Amazon forest, The Arctic ice melting in the Arctic Ocean, or Do not have Hurricane strength level 6. There are not occur in nowadays, But in fact, We are the biggest change from just six degrees Celsius, which is a change that humanity has never faced before.

Temperature rise of 1 Degree Celsius can cause fires. Animals not refuge and extinction. Ice of North Pole began to melt.

Temperature increase of 2 Degree Celsius was bad enough that many city around the world submerged. One of them is “Thailand” include bears that live at the North Pole to emergency due to the glaciers shrink. Severe forest fire.

Temperature rise of 3 Degree Celsius On Alpine ice is lost. The world is to face with Hurricane Strength level 6, has never happened before.

On global warming increase of 4 Degree Celsius The amount of water in oceans to higher level of sea level rise over one meter, cause severe flooding the city’s “Authorized capital” symbol or “New York” will be submerged underwater.

When the temperature rises 5 Degrees Celsius, The larger city of the Los Angeles, Cairo, Lima or Bombay, which was covered with snow and ice are certain time it may be without snow. Often to have Tsunami.

If the average global temperature increase of 6 Degrees Celsius, the temperature is higher than the current lot. No nutrients in the sea. The desert is occupied by the country. And disasters are common in life.

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