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Author Topic: 3 : Working in Progress  (Read 2116 times)
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Please paste your working in Progress for the 3rd review here.
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Week 4: Feb 27, 2012
   I will go take a photo life and culture such as beauty culture, dress, food, dessert that show image and idea. Add information, Talk some idea from information every thing that bring presented and discussed with teacher to find solutions for that error

1.For this picture is a old culture from china that help you to wax a hair on face.
2.The house was in a fall. Sin Teen Jok lace Be woven as a tribute to the royal court. Sin Teen Jok lace Those who wear it must be the boss in his royalty. Most people commonly wear only the sarong Teen Jok. The fabric is cotton. Sin Teen Jok Mae. Jihad's role in the life of the Cham people from birth until the body of this world. Mother Mosque of Sin Teen Jok Mae all have at least one a piece. I used to wear, and other important events. Because the process of weaving Teen Jok Sarong Each one takes a long time.The owner is to nurture and take care to keep quite a lot. In order to give the children the next use. As well as offering to the monks. When I leave this world and themselves. The merit of these will result in death. I have put in another world with Sin Teen Jok. In the end of the life of the mother, Mae Jihad has to be one piece sarong Teen Jok was a body guard. And burned along with the owner. To put it to pay the note on the glass Chulamani Jump heaven. Mae was a tradition that continues to abide to this day
3.For this picture is a cake that call kudeechinese and will have effect from portages. For effect about took a camera have a problems about location and area,the owner don't wan ant to take every point of a shop.Because they don't need to know about material and a secret of cake.

 Cry Cry  ps. now i have a problem about to show an exhibition in form moved media or installation  but I try to do it about form of mixed media ,I try to find information about how to created an old photo for my work.I will get all to you to see
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Kwanruedee S.

For this week, I have started work, arrange electronic junks, try to make them to be City and Industry Factory.
I will try to arrange and improve it more and more better.

( I can't upload photo, don't know why, but I will try it again tomorrow.)
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