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Author Topic: 2 : Project Experimentation  (Read 2495 times)
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2nd Submission : Project Experimentation
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This Week 3: Feb 20, 2012
   For this Monday, I will go take a photo life and culture such as Banbatt a community that people know very well respected with a reputation for making the bowl's history and I research about the best Chinese food, Find information. Then I want to show some technics of photograph example edit picture give to look old.

Banbatt: Banbatt is a community that people know very well respected. With a reputation for making the bowl.
From the past, The home page of the community in each of the instruments and tools, but it is unfortunate that in the latter. Do not feel the community has reduced a lot. Which is now only three families remain in the profession of the monks. Ever since. Bangkok, Thailand. From the king rama first He is a former soldier in the Royal. His intention was to make the capital of this country is the center. He need Ayutthaya is agriculturally rich. Ayutthaya is not the time to come. For people evacuated from the old city. They must adapt to survive the most.

Noodles laborer: Food for consumption to the power of life. One of Thai workers in China to sell the dock workers, warehouse workers and force them to economize labor, not so much that it was hard to stomach as a laborer in these requirements. Ramen noodles are made at the shop were so cheap. For the laborer but these workers are being replaced by machines. To eat noodles, the laborer is reduced. However, these noodles are also available for those who want to test the capacity of the stomach.

Web for show technics:
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For this week, I bought the spotlight to test the shadow and plan about the electronic junks that I will put in the project.
There are some problem that I worry about the spotlight, because this kind of light is high energy and quickly heat. So, maybe I have to find another one.
The ring of light is size around 1-2 meter, so I think my project size will be around 1x1 meter and I will make it on palette.

Next, I have change from the shadow of 'Poor children' into 'Skeleton', because I found out that the children shadow is hard to make the detail to show how poor is it. I will explain to the advisor again.

Next week, I will go to get the electronic junks.

this picture is the style of shadow that I will make. (not same as picture but will be something like this)
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For this week, I research about ambient graphic that you send links to me and find some techniques that
appropriated and able to develop my work look interesting. Then, I plan to model about the tree which
is the point of my work that what kind of materials that I have to use for modeling the tree. So, I think
the material is too heavy or light because it can be broken.

The tree represent the tradition and I think I will design the tree look different or look many dimension for show
the 3 types of human position.
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This week, I did a research on different kinds of art and tried. I chose the collage art.
It was my fist time and it didn't come out very good at all, so I though I need to
find other things to try more.
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