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Title: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: admin on January 31, 2011, 10:57:29 AM
Post you profile and objective, as well as your photo

Please copy and paste from MSword file you write.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: kelunkim on February 15, 2011, 08:59:51 AM
Kelun Kim Babauta
4th Year, Computer Graphice and Multimedia

My name is Kelun Kim Babauta. I am from the island called Saipan. My nationality is half Chamorro (American) and half Korean. I am the oldest of three. My hobbies are running long distance (cross country) and /or short distance (track and field) and tahitian (hula) dancing. I graduated from Saipan Southern High School and now I am a fourth year student studying in Bangkok University International College majoring in Computer Graphic and multimedia. My future goal is to become an officer in the U.S Military (Army).

Because I am a senior I have worked on alot of different programs but the programs that I love to work on are Adobe Photoshop retouching, Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver (website design), Typography, Graphic Design, 3D Maya, Drawing and Illustration, and Video communication. I know I have alot of new information to learn and I am willing to open my mind and learn from the teacher and fellow classmate.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Sutthinee S. on February 15, 2011, 09:27:39 AM

I am a sophomore student, studying in Computer Graphic and Multimedia major.  My name is Sutthinee Sutthasean, you can call me Emmie.  My birthday is on July 9, 1991.  I came from The Demonstation of Ramkhamhang University. In my free time, I like to rolling on my bed and watch movie, I love to watch movie. 
I'm the youngest sister, in my house, I have 5 persons in my family, there are mother, father, two big brothers, and me. I also have 2 dogs, I like to playing with them. My hometown is on Ladprao Road., trafic around here always drive me crazy. I want to move to a places nearby Bangkok University but around there are so expensive, so I have to deal with it. Anyway, I enjoy studying at Bangkok University in Computer Graphic and Multimedia major. I choose this major because I don't know what I like most, all I can do best is about art.
My Father would like me to study in international program, he said it could make bright future for me. At first I have a bit nervous, I'm not good at English but I'll do my best. Now I'm really happy with English, my English is not quite good but I can communicate. My favorite programs are PhotoShop and Illustrator, I like it because It's easy and so simple.
Sometime I'm not sure what I want to be in the future but most of the time that I always thinking of is Fashion Designer. I like to dress up, I want to have my own brand and design clothes for people who love to dress up same as I did. Now I can't choose the way for my life, I don't know which way is better for me, but all I have to do is learn more about everything, so someday I will know exactly what is my thing, what I really want to be.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Voraphan on February 15, 2011, 09:29:41 AM
Voraphan Ngampittayaporn
1521002830 ::)

   My name is Voraphan Ngampittayaporn, My nickname is “Ton”. I’m 20 years old I was graduated from Wat Rajabopit School. I studied in Sci–math program in high school. After graduated from high school I think to be an engineering that I pass in Environment engineering before entrance examination that I waiver because I think in entrance examination I choose the better major choice than Environment engineering that I choose IT and media-tech that I failed. So I choose Bangkok University because it’s near my home and have major that I want to learn. I choose Computer Graphic and Multimedia because I think design can use in the future and I like to design and I get a lot of experience for the past two years, relationship with new friends and studied something news that I never studied any program from high school. But now I very happy because I can learn what I like and have many friends.
   I would like to learn about how to use tools in program, tricks, tips and technique. I also learn from the first step to last step. by now I really don’t have any specific program that I want to learn special because I want to learn it all before I determine which program I like most. I’m very impress and hoping to learn more from this class.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: varis on February 15, 2011, 09:30:50 AM
Varis 1521003838

          My name is Varis Ananjarungsuk, or you can call me pof. I graduated from Sarasas Witaed Suksa School. I think I always like to use the computer to do something in everyday and want design too. So that why’s I chose major computer graphic. And why did I decide to study at BUIC, because of I think I want to improve in English language, all of multimedia in this major and it not far from my home. When I came and studied at BUIC I think I like there, I pay attention in class to get the good score. I can use many programs likes Adobe Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Director, Flash, Firework, Word, Excel, and Power Point. I feel good that can use it for create the good work. I think the idea is the important thing to do in the work. And it can use with everything. It can help me to practice my skill. I interest 3D animation, graphic design, Illustration, something that looks fantastic.
          Now I’m studying in principle of programming course. I think it can be difficult things for me because I don’t ever know about that before. But it might be help me to get new things, some trick or new technique that can be benefit and interesting to me. I think this course can make me know about computer language, java script, and many things about it that I don’t know. It might be thing that makes many people feel headache, don’t remember code. But I will try to pay attention every lesson in this course.
          Finally, I think when I already passed this course, I can do many things about programming and bring it to use for benefit in my life even though it might be difficult thing to many people but for me I will do my best and get the good things in this course.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Natthakit on February 15, 2011, 09:31:53 AM
Natthakit     ID: 1521003366

   My name is Natthakit Larpsumphunchai, or you can call me Peak. I graduated from Udomsuksa School; it’s located at Ladprao 94. Back at my high school I never, and I mean ever learn about any programming, or anything other than Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator before, so what I had learned in Buic for the past two years about computer was very challenging and mind-blowing experiences. Now, I want to continue learning as much as I can when I still study here in Buic for the knowledge and my future.
   I really don’t have any specific program that I want to study right now, because I want to study it all first before deciding which one fit me the most, or interest me the most, then I could say I want to study it. But from my humble and such little experience, I could say a program that link to Photoshop would interest me the most, or I could say I prefer it.
   So these are my profile and opinions about me and what program do I interested in. It is not that much, but I think it can gives you a little of my perspective and viewpoint. In the end, I really excite and looking forward on all of this new knowledge ahead of me. After all, everything that link to graphic is all interesting for me.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Sahawat on February 15, 2011, 09:55:48 AM
Sahawat Hiranwatana      1521001527

   First, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Sahawat Hiranwattana, 19 years old. I graduated grade 12 from Sarasas Ektra School since 2009 and continued study in Bangkok University International College, major of Computer Graphics and Multimedia. My career of being a student, actually, started just the moment once I step in this university because I think things that I’ve learnt since previous school was completely unusable, especially for Maths.
   When I was in the previous school I was a member in a Symphonic band. So my primary duty, apart from studying, was to rehearse and practice. I played percussion and the instrument I familiar with the most is Timpani; a very huge drum in a classical concert band. And the latest concert that I’ve been played with my schoolmates were “TIWEC 2010, Thailand International Wind Ensemble Contest”, which held at Mahidol University. We won the first prize.
Since the previous school, I’ve been train to make people achieve things through sound. How can we make people appreciate in our songs, how can we transfer our feelings through our performances. That’s what I’ve been trained. But here, especially in this career, we have to achieve those goals by just only “Visual”. That’s a very big different!
   I chose this career because I wanted to make things clear, to transfer our senses of creativity to viewers. We can make things touchable and understandable. I most favorite things that I like in designing are making 3D models, taking photographs and learning coding because those things can bring me into my own imagination, an imagination that would bring me everywhere I want.
   In the future, I don’t exactly know which way I would like to walk the most. But until now I wanted to learn about making applications for Iphone and Andriod because I think that these two operating OS has a great impact on our world on technology. Even a very small step that took has a very great leap to our globe, just like the slogan of “Iphone4, this changes everything again.”
   I think that would be enough for my introduction. I look forward to learn new things from this course because I love new knowledge, especially about computers.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: yui123 on February 15, 2011, 11:40:42 AM
About me

I’m Panida Minglattikorn. Please call me “Yui”. My high school is Assumption Commercial Collage (ACC) on Sathorn Road. I choose to learn in the computer business major. So, I choose to learn continue about computer because I have basic for some program Ex. Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustration, Flash, Firework, SPSS, Microsoft Publisher, Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Visual Basic etc. But I don’t like programming because it needs to remember code for program and has to fix for code in program. So, I choose to learn computer graphic because it open on the idea and I like to see about graphic animation, I think, If I learn Computer graphic I have to feel happy. But I have a little skill for graphic.

So, I choose BUIC and choose to learn in the Computer Graphic and Multimedia Major. Because BUIC is near my home and I want to improve for English language. When I learn Computer Graphic at BUIC. I know, have many things that I need to learn and improve my skill. Have many programs unknown and some program I know only basic. So, I need to specialist for introduce me and hope me for improve my skill. In the future, I want to use every technique for my work. I have a dream for the design about animation or working with movie.

   I’m not smart. It is not easy for me to understand everything in the lesson. But I intend to learn for improve my skill. Please to help me, and sympathize with me if I do not understand the lesson. Please to suggest for me.

Panida  Minglattikorn
ID: 1521000123
Section: 5281

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: 1521000115 on February 15, 2011, 11:45:40 AM
Pawin akkapipat   ID:1521000115

My name is Pawin Akkapipat. Nick name is Ro. I am 19 years old. My high school is Assumption commercial college at Sathron Road. Major study is Computer business. In here I had to learn many program such as illustrator, photoshop , firework, dreamweaver,flash,visual basic and foxpro but just basic. I choose to study computer graphic and multimedia at BUIC because close to home and I have basic about program. I have some problem in BUIC is my English language not good.
     I like to design and when I have assignment I will make that best for me because when my work good I will Proud. At BUIC I get to know anything increase about technique, color, creative and art. I like to know new program and new knowledge. In future I want to be Animator / CG Artist 
     I will attention to learn in your class for improve me and I will hard work for assignment. I think you will help to improve me .

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: danusorn on February 15, 2011, 11:47:30 AM
Danusorn Arunsukon 1521002525

I’m Danusorn Arunsukon, my friends call me Big. I came from Sesawech Vitthaya school at Jaransanitwong road, I choose to learned in the science-math major.

I like to learn about the skills of design, almost I like the technique like a basic things because I have no basic about graphic design before, so I hope I will get everything to help me to improve and can be use in real time in the future. I really don’t like to learn about animation because I want to focus on design, but I also like about the program to make the video. I accept everything of all the classes; in the future I will apply every technique on my works. I just hope I will get everything as much as I can.

I don’t limit what I want to learn but I just want those thing can be use in the real time. I hope this class will help me to improve my skill.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Pornpailin on February 15, 2011, 11:53:38 AM
Pornpailin  1521000180

   My name is Pornpailin Pradittakorn and my nick name is Ploy. last 2 years I graduated from Satriwittaya School .When I was studying at striwittaya School I learned about the Chinese section. I learned that at Satriwittaya School for 6 years before graduation and Then come to the study at Bangkok university international collage I'm interested in computer graphics and multimedia major.Because before I came on here I'm interested in learning about the Fashion Design. I want to be a designer and Then want to study abroad. It make me choose to learn about computer graphics. And choose to learn International University, but I'm not good in languages and not good at computer graphics. But I will try to make it the best.     On a program that I like best is the Photoshop and Dreamweaver because it easy to do and i like to design about the website ,In the Photoshop this program is very interesting because it can prepare the image to beautiful and decorated with a variety of tools to use. And can load more tools from the internet such as brush , text. It is made easy and can do many things make me love this Program.and And the dreamweaver is a program that I don't like it at first time. Is a program that is very difficult. I  can't understand it when I do this Pro gram. This Program is busy, Makes me very confused when I do.But when I do it successfully. Makes me very proud to have a website of myself.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Phitthayaporn on February 15, 2011, 11:56:31 AM
Phitthayaporn  Vongkittiwat

My name is Phitthayaprn Vongkittiwat. I’m from Satriwithaya School. I like to draw picture and interest about animation when I study at high school. I like to read cartoon then it make I want to be an animator 2D or 3D. My inspiration would be the animation from Japan “Fate/Stay/Night”.
My favorite program is Adobe illustrator because it easy to draw and paint. Adobe Illustrator is a graphic design tool based on vector drawing. You can create excellent drawing presentations like logos, graphics and maps, thanks to its wide range of tools that focus on producing high-quality details. With Adobe Illustrator you can scan and colour comics, join different image files to create a final product, align elements without losing reference to a specific object, change colours faster, ensure that the contours of the graphics don’t change when you change the size, make silhouettes and crop photos, insert shading and textures, change the colour percentages, create maps, flags and much more.
About the program in class Dropbox. Dropbox is a Web-based file hosting service that uses cloud computing to enable users to store and share files and folders with others across the Internet using file synchronization. The Dropbox client enables users to drop any file into a designated folder that is then synced with Dropbox's Internet service and to any other of the user's computers and devices with the Dropbox client. Users may also upload files manually through a web browser. Through these usages, it can be an alternative to couriering physical removable media, and other traditional forms of file transfer. But it have some problem such as if one person who did work in Dropbox folder, other work in that folder are change.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Ratanaporn on February 15, 2011, 11:57:21 AM
There’s a girl was born in 1989 and she’s the youngest of her family member, that girl was me. I am Ratanporn Witayanont. I have two sisters. I like to drawing and painting when I have free time and sometimes go to travelling out of town .When I was 15. I’m in College of fine art which this place make me can improve my drawing, painting and many things in art.
After I graduate this college . I don’t know what I want to study next. The only thing I know is I don’t want to leave my art skill but I don’t want to do only drawing or painting I just want to know more. One day my friends told me that in Bangkok University has English program and also has computer graphic major too. At first I think it was cool to have English program so I can improve my English too. But about the computer graphic I’m not sure what it is. Then my friend told me that it has drawing and has many interesting program to do art in computer and in other reason is because this age is all cyber and modern world everything is all about computer and I also think that when I know the art and computer also and then I can apply it together I might be benefit for me to have a wide opportunity to find a good job and a good salary so, finally I decided to join this program.
About the program I want to learned .Let me mentioned it before I tell you what program I want to learn. Because I’m in the 2nd years now I already knew the photoshop, Illustrator, indesign…etc. So in this year I want to know more about 3d and 4d program, So I hope I can do this 3d and 4d when I finished this program.

Ratanaporn Witayanont 1521004752

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Atip on February 15, 2011, 12:32:06 PM
Atip Thepsongkroh
ID 1521001253
   My name is Atip Thepsongkroh, you can call me pond. I was graduated from Sarasas Ektra School, I studied here since I was in kg.3; it’s located at Sathupradit road. After the graduated I have to choose my future, first I dreamed to be a fashion designer but I know that I’m bad in portrait drawing so I have to reject this dream. In the entrance examination I tried my best, so I can get in Silpakorn University in hotel management major, but my mum doesn’t let me go and study there. So I design to study here at Bangkok University because it’s near my home. I choose computer graphic and multimedia because I think its fit me the most and I love to design too, I know that I can do it well. At first, I have to studied alone because I don’t know how to make a relationship with others; I never change the school before so I don’t know how to qualify myself.  But now I’m very happy because I have a lot of friends, a lot of funs and mostly I’ve learn what I like.
   I would like to learn about the tips in each design programs that can help me works easily. I also would like to learn about the tools technique and how to adjust my design.  I don’t like to learn about the animation, I really hate the animation.
 I will try my best in this class because I want to improve my skills. I want to be a professional designer and photography too.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: sitthipongJ on February 15, 2011, 12:34:28 PM
Sitthipong Jenkijjaroenchai
   My name Sitthipong Jenkijjaroenchai or can call me “M”. Now I’m 20 years old. Before I come to study at BUIC, I’m graduated from Sarasas Ektra School. I’m choose to study at BUIC in major computer graphic because I like to drawing a picture and I want to study more about graphic design to improve my ability to make me get a good job in the future when I’m graduated. My future plan I want to be a graphic designer or a web producer and I want to have my own studio to show some of my work. My favorite graphic designer is Stefan Sagmeister he is very famous in graphic design I like his work and the way he think and how he create his work or of the process of his work. I think if I want to improve I must watch a lot of work and try to create it out practice a lot and make understanding and find my own style and I also have some of my favorite website such as adsoftheworld.com, www.art4d.com (http://www.art4d.com), badawards.com, canneslion.com and etc. My favorite sports are football and basketball and my favorite football club is Man UTD and my favorite football player is Wayne Rooney. I like to eat Thai food I think Thai food is the most delicious food in the world. In my free time I like to read some book, play game, play football with my friend and watching televison.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Chutinan on February 15, 2011, 01:22:46 PM
chutinan K
id: 1521007490

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Penporn Chantawannop on February 15, 2011, 02:41:03 PM
My name is PenpornChantawannop or Bee. I graduated from informal school. I’m a tennis player and decided to take high school in informal school, so I can spend more time on international tennis tournament. I was on tour for several years for international junior tennis tournament and women circuits’ tennis tournament. I’ve been travel to many countries around Asia and some part of Europe. However, I got injured on my shoulder after finished my high school, so I decided to enroll in Bangkok University International College and also got a scholarship from the university.
I chose Computer Graphic and Multimedia major because it is interesting, I’d like to know things that are new to me and it will be useful formy career in the future. I’d like to know more about this field as I don’t know much and I still need to know a lot more for the techniques in many programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Director, Flash, etc. For now, my second year almost finishes and I found myself enjoy creating poster, taking photograph, and starting to know more about making animation, movies, and 3D design, which is pretty interesting and inspiring me a lot.
Since I’m in this course, I don’t know much about programming so I’m not sure about what is going to be in the course. From my point of view, I expecting to know more about coding, able to use more authoring programs, and have a better understanding on some programs that I have learnt before.

Penporn Chantawannop

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Ryan on February 15, 2011, 02:43:27 PM
   My name is Ryan Grudier. I am a second year student in Computer Graphic and multimedia. I am American and am from Arizona but was born in California. I am currently interested in many different fields of computer graphic and multimedia. The applications that I am familiar with are almost all Adobe programs but I am not very knowledgeable or skilled in them. I just have a basic knowledge of them. I enjoy photography and Adobe Flash. I am also currently learning more about them in photography class and digital tools for multimedia.  I’m also interested in other parts of this major but still unsure of which field specifically.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Teza on February 15, 2011, 02:47:57 PM
Teza Eimon Soe

         My name is Teza Eimon Soe. I am from Myanmar and I am a senior student. I have learned a lot of media art and the experiences that I get from working with teachers from different background is an opportunity that I receive from studying in Bangkok University International. Bangkok University International Computer  Graphic major is creative based which student learns to work on the creative way of thinking, seeing things from different angle, getting hand on experience on projects and making media.
   This particular class, Principle of Programming is very useful for me because it helps me learn lingo script on adobe director, actions in Photoshop and after affect which is very useful for different kinds or media format or execution.  I find myself very lucky to learn this class with A.Poj because he is very patient and nice teacher and I believe that I have some background in adobe director and adobe aftereffect because of the previous classes that I had with A.Poj. I hope to learn more and improve myself in adobe director and after effect.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Thana_Thanawichitroek on February 15, 2011, 02:50:41 PM
Thana Thanawichitroek 1521000065
Section: 5283

Assignment 1
   My name is Thana Thanawichitroek and Arm is my nickname. I graduated from vocational education program. I had no experiences with computer graphics before entered BUIC. Plus, our family business has nothing to do with graphical stuff.
   After I had taken Graphic design for internet course with Aj.Nont (whole in one company), I have found that this is what I want to study more. Eventhough, having class with him is a bit complicated but the issues of being efficiently communicate through the internet via our graphics were somehow attracted me.
   For the Programming course, I would like to know more about the code, of course, in Dreamweaver program. I knew only how to make such basic web layouts. Somehow, I wish to add some codes that could make them become more interactive. The webpages, thus, become more interesting. For the project in this course, I would prefer using only basic techniques of programming because I know very little about it.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Rutchakornpatara on February 15, 2011, 03:10:48 PM
Rutchakornpatara Suvannachive 1521001931
My name is Rutchakornpatara Suvannachive. I graduated from St. Joseph Convent. I ever have study Adobe Illustration, Director and webdesign. From this class I want to study more about web design and I want to know how to make an action script in website that showed in the class last week that very interesting and probably helpful in the future. I wondering when I finished this class I will adapt in my project.
   What do I expect from this class of programming? I think motion graphic by After Effect. Flash or everything about multimedia programming are most clearest example that we can find in our daily life such as MV, motion graphic on website and so on. So I decide I’ll make project about it.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: chayapol on February 15, 2011, 03:27:28 PM
chayapol wassanachotikul

My name is Chayapol Wassanachotikul and my nick name is Condo which came from Condominium. I got this name because my dad was an architect. Moreover, my birthday is third of December 1989. Furthermore, my back ground of study : I have been in International School of Regent and I have been in both campuses (Pattaya and Bangkok). However, I didn’t graduate from this school but I had changed my mind at year 11 to quit the school and tried GED. And I also graduate from GED. After that, I attended in BUIC in 2008 but I have failed many exams and skipped many classes. So, I got suspended at the end. Anyways, I have tried again a year after that. Unfortunately, I got suspended again. So, this is my third time at this university, also my last time here. So, I would like to graduate in this time. Furthermore, I would like to be an game creator in the future but I want to put fashion into it too because I am really interested in fashion and CG. So, I love to mix them together, but when I did it, most of the teachers never allow me to do it. I really do not know why. However, I still want to do it and I will keep doing it, neither the teacher like it or not. It is really the way I am. Moreover, I want to take some chance in fashion world, try to do collaboration with some big brands like Adidas, Lanvin, etc.
       I would like to learn many things from this class because I am really lack of skill. Moreover, I want to know something more about Programming because I want to be game creator. So, I really think that this class is really useful when I got a job. Furthermore, I really expected from this class so much.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Sanae on February 15, 2011, 03:32:06 PM
Sanae  Oonruon

My Background :  I finished high school from Sarasas Wited Bangbon school, I’m in Sci-Math faculty. Now I’m the Sophomore at BUIC in the Computer-Graphic faculty. I want to be the movie editor who edit the movie or make the effecting. I use Blender to do 3D outstanding for my father business.  I also used many program before I came to BUIC such as After Effect, Vegas, Premiere Pro, to do something like MV but now I forgot some of them because they haven’t teach me here in the first year.

What would you like to do in this class and project ?
   I like to learn the script of After Effect and Premiere Pro. That what you taught me the script in Photoshop in first class that is too useful on my work. I want to learn other technique which can improve my work. If it possible, I want to do project like the design something creative not just follow the instruction. That I thing it will benefit for me in the future.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Kisachai_premyothin on February 15, 2011, 03:33:11 PM
kisachai premyothin-1521001899

My name is Kisachai Premyothin and you can call me “mind”. I graduated from Sarasas witaed bangbon. I like to work with art any kind of it. In future I wish I can make animation well. Before I have learned computer graphic course, I never have any skill. In first term I learned graphic with Adobe illustrator and I really like this program. And I interested in graphic and drawing with pencil and water color. In drawing class I had learned with A.j. Non. For A.j. who taught graphic is A.j. pui. She taught adode illustrator and photoshop. For the Programming course, I would like to know more about the code, in web design course. I see some of my friend can fix their works by coding and it’s good if I can do it to. I have older sister. She has learned java and I see that it’s very hard. I wish if you teach us it will look easier.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Passakorn on February 15, 2011, 03:36:09 PM
Passakorn  Rattanawaleekul
Id: 1521000131

                My name is Passakorn Rattanawaleekul. My nickname is F. I am 19 years old. My high school is Assumption commercial college. My high school is locate at Saint Louis 3 on Sathon Road. My major to study is computer business. I ever study to basic program such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, illustrator, Firework, Visual basic, and Flash. I choose to study BUIC. Because I come to study with my friends. It is comfortable to travel. I have a basic of program. I have some problem, that problem is my English language is not good and not strong.
   Before I come to study computer graphic. I feel like and interest it. After that, I get to study graphic. It make me feel more interest. I want to the professional computer graphic. I interest about 3D, Animation, Design. I want to new knowledge about the programming.
   Finally, I will bring a new knowledge and new technique to adapt in programming. I will attend to study your subject in class.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Sergey Kramarevskiy on February 15, 2011, 03:42:48 PM
Sergey Kramarevskiy


My name is Sergey, Sergey Kramarevskiy. I’m from Kazakhstan, Almaty city the South capital. I moved to Thailand almost three years ago to study and probably get a job after graduation. Right now I’m the second year student at BUIC with major Computer Graphics and Multimedia. Also I have unfinished bachelor degree in my country Radiotechnique, Electronics and Telecommunication. I’m open minded, ready to work as on my own as with a group, try to lead, rely on common sense, respect opinions and seek opportunities for self development.
I want to learn or get from Principles of Programming course:
Information about present time programming languages, not just the list of them, but supporting and interesting addition (what did and does language, any events in history, perspectives)
The spine or structure of programming languages (how do people create programming languages and how they different)
Common operations for programming (with perspective for advanced level)
Cross platform tags
PHP language as self choice
This is all together what I’m interested in, but as the result I want only knowledge with worth. I will able just use its right away.
Well, let see what we will get here.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Phinghatai Pasuksakun on February 15, 2011, 03:43:19 PM
My name is Phinghatai, nick name PHINGPHING. I live in a house wish my family at Bangkok. I was born Wednesday 16 October 1991. My favorite subjects are computer graphic. I would like to be photographer. Now I’m studying at Bangkok University International College. So I like read cartoon book in my favorite food is noodle. I can play computer or do all about computer long time. Sometime I think if I do work or study in computer that I will to live it long time and it’s good than I must study about match or science
The reason, why I study about computer graphic & multimedia that I think I can to do everything in computer a long time but if I must remember about match or science that I want to sleep a lot. I like play Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator because I think it easy and I can understand it but I don’t have skill about 3D and I use it a few. So I think graphic that beautiful and make feel free and tell identity of artist.
 In class, I want to study all about computer graphic & multimedia for example skill, idea, and technique other of program or create art work. ;)
Phinghatai Pasuksakun

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Panchita on February 15, 2011, 04:24:07 PM
Panchita Utrasrinitichod
My name is Panchita Utrasrinitichod and you can call me Peung. I graduated from BPK School; it’s located at Suksawat Road. I learned Science-math so unrelated with Computer graphic design. Actually I admission to Kasetsart University Major Computer-Science but I don’t like C Programming so I want to learn anything that I use my imagination. Back at my high school I never, and I mean ever learn about any programming. Before I come to Buic, I take course at Net design school. And I choose learned Basic about program Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
    I want to know about program that make an animation may be basic program to create a character. I don’t   like topic to fix my ideal because I think not the imagination. And I also to learn about crate logo the best because in the future may be I want to have my band for my production.   
   So these are my profile and background about me and what program do I interested in. Now I don’t  know more program to learn but I’m ready to learn step by step that you prepare to teach me and I hope to use program the best because It can help me in the future.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Nathawat on February 15, 2011, 04:25:50 PM
Name :  Nathawat Ngamjing ( 1521005064 )
My Background :
   I was born in Thailand then was raised in Singapore for 4 years then I came back to Bangkok again to studied in primary school at Assumption College Thonburi till Grade 9 I moved to Germany Berlin and studied in International school for 3 years then I came back to Thailand again and attended Ruamruudee International School for last year then I graduated. In school I choose art major as my main Subjects. I have learn a lot programs that occur with art. I have been use pretty much programs in basic stuff such as all adobe, Blender, all Microsoft , and programming with music. Then after I graduated, I join Buic CG because I think this Major will fit me the most and I could learn many things that I will enjoy the most.
What would you like to do  in this class and project ?
   I would like to learn as much as program that you can teach us, Some program that is really necessary and useful in the future jobs and more detail and useful tips for each programs. I want to learn something that really enjoyable and new stuff and be more detail and specific for each program. Since we learning how to programming I want to learn some program that really helpful in the future job and all the tools in the program so then we really know how to use it ^^. In project I want to do anything that has to including art and music. That would be interesting.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Rich on February 15, 2011, 05:24:17 PM
Rich Chulsuwan

Hi my name is Rich. I was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Living there for a while, the city becomes a place of boredom. There is not much to do there; the state is in the middle of America, but the thing that kept me busy was working in my mom’s and dad restaurant. When I was born in 1989, they already had the business running. My job was being the host, waiter, and cashier. It was some fun times working there and having many stories with friends and family. Growing up I loved to play sports. Through elementary, middle, and part of high school I played baseball, bowling, soccer, and basketball. My favorite sport to play is basketball. I was in a high school of three hundred students for my freshman and sophomore year. For my junior and senior I moved to California, because my mom wanted me to see the world and experience the other places. My cousin was already in California. For my junior year I was in a city called Rancho Cucamonga and then I graduated in the city or Torrance at West high school. I love movies that deal with comedy and action. When I graduate I would like to do something that deals with making movies. Anything that works deals with production camera shooting to making up ideas will be okay.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Nachapol Sils. on February 15, 2011, 05:43:43 PM
Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening everybody! Just depend on whenever you read this, anyway, I’m a human being names “Nachapol Silseni” a.k.a. “Nach”. I’m graduate from Bodindecha (Sing Singhaseni) School as a generation 37 of the school (even though that I’m originally generation 36). I am an AFS exchange student in Lillehammer, Norway in 2007. I’m also a single that can speak 3 language; Thai (a my native language), English and Norwegian (a.k.a. Norsk in their language). I’m kind of talkative person if I’m in a good mood and also I’m funny and flexible person so feel free to ask or talk to me LOL. I have interested in this graphic design field because since I was young I have watch a lot of Japanese animation and I also love to see all kind of cool design; graphic, character design, product, animation ETC. with all of that feeling of mine I want to create some great design work myself and make it go through in this wide world.

Now come to talk about skill on this field. I have been practice in this field for about 3 year since I was in a high-school. Mostly I love to use program in “Adobe” family. The one that I think I’m best at is Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Adobe Director. And I think I’m sure that I bad at all of the coding things; java, css, visual c ETC. also most of the things about web-design that not include interface of the website. And now a day I have try to play with Adobe Flash, premier pro and cinema 4D as myself practice and class assignment.

Finally if you ask me what do I expect to see in this class? From that what teacher have said in our first that he going to teach us all about the coding; java, css, visual c ETC. and some about after effect and 3d design, so think that I’m gonna face the most terrible class for me ‘cause I’m no good in any of that kind of things. But, in the other hand it would be interesting to try some new things that I never try before in my life (except 3D one) so I hope that I would get all of the things that you will be teach me in that class as much as possible. Last thing that I want to tell you is I hope that I can use everything that I have learn in order to reach my dream goal; to be able to make ONE greatest animation and make it go through this wide world.

Nachapol Silseni
ICM 223 Principles of Programming

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Phakhawat on February 15, 2011, 09:31:20 PM
Phakhawat Pachuen   

   My name is Phakhawat Pachuen but, you can call me shortly Kot. Now, I am 20 years old. I graduated from Nawaminthrachinuthit Bodindecha School or Bodin 3 in Science-Math major. I chose to study at Bangkok University International College because it has the Computer Graphic and Multimedia Major that I’m interested the most. And, I got the BU Creative scholarship from here by submitting my portfolio about the websites that I got the awards from many places. I think I am not good in English because in high school I came from Thai school and I had never gone aboard. So, sometimes I feel unconfident when I have to speak English to the others. 
   Normally, I used to use HTML/xHTML and CSS for creating website because I like to design a nice website and, I have my own one is www.kotzhul.com (http://www.kotzhul.com) that I use Wordpress to create it. But, I have many things that I don’t know about it and I want to improve myself and use in my website is JavaScript, PHP, Action Script and jQuery. So, I hope I will learn all of these things from you in the Programming class. And, I will do my best to improve myself and be professional in the future. Thank you in advance, AJ. Poj

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: nawarat on February 15, 2011, 09:49:04 PM
Nawarat ID 1521002228   ;D
My name is Nawarat Thammaratwipark. You can call me Gook.  I graduated from Srivikorn School. I’m not good in English. I studied drawing 3 years before.  I love drawing and painting a lot because it is my happiness and I can do it all long day. I get a lot of benefit from art and found what I want to be in the future. I choose to learn this major because I think this major is about art but I quite disappoint because mostly all subject will use only computer. In the other hand I prefer to work by my hand more.

   Now I’m studying in principle of programming course.  Absolutely I don’t know what it is about. I think it has to remember a lot of code or something but I will try my best to pass this course. Finally, I think this course would very benefit me on computer skill. Also at the moment computer have more and more powerful for many things especially designing things. So I have to keep experience much as I could.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Rome on February 16, 2011, 04:01:51 AM
Chonnaphat Soonthornnawaphat 1521002814

About Me

My name is Chonnaphat Soonthornnawaphat, but you can call me Rome. I am Thai and currently 20 years old. Before attending this university I had graduated from Lake Tuggeranong College, which is in Canberra, Australia. I had been studying in Australia since I was 7 years old and had recently come back to Thailand 2 years ago to attend university. I can speak 2 languages, English and Thai, but I can only read and write in English.

Programming is a very interesting subject for me as I had been taught programming before in college; we had programmed webpages using HTML and many different little things in Java script and C++, such as learning how to program robots to follow basic commands.

Since I haven’t done and had forgotten a lot of things about programming, I think that A’Poj class would definitely be a very good class to re-jog my memory. 

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Narapong on February 17, 2011, 10:44:00 AM
Narapong Wasitthitanond

ID: 1511005892


My Personal Background:
  I graduated high school level from Assumption Thouburi. Most of the time i just help my family's company do some art work , graphice media work. For my personal thought,
  I always want to find the project that challege me or force me to gain experience and advance in skill of Graphic media work,
  I do interest in 3D structure, animation, all those graphic media.  Speaking of Priciple of progamming , i actually have no skill for programing and codes , so this course would difinitely improve my programing skill and codes skill of Director or flash.  At last i hope this course could make me gain more knowledge about Programing and codes stuff. ; )

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: poranee l. on February 17, 2011, 11:36:23 AM
poranee lapkendkool
 ID 1511008045
 My name is poranee lapkendkool Iam 22 years old.
Words are words, which is suitable to demonstrate the existence of me as much. Likewise, it is a person who is "comfortable"
 if this word looks good in the sense this term would indicate if I do not matter much as people adapt anything good about that.
For this reason. It is who I am with other people easily. Have many friends. Daelaaebraแygong not have anyone on them.
And tend to make people around you happy and comfortable stay also the word "easy" to identify a person if I deal with different situations very well.
Whether the incident is how good or bad. I'm sure I'll keep it went well.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Werayut on February 19, 2011, 10:16:21 PM
Name:Boon-Am Werayut
ID: 1521000073
Section: Tuesday Afternoon
My Personal Background:
   I finished my 'O' Level (High school) from Singapore and before that I graduated from ACSP (Assumption College SamutPrakarn). I was training a few years under my brother’s company in term of Modeling, Graphic designing and a little in Programing.
My Personal Interest
   I do interest in 3D structure, animation, story-writing, relation between tune and feeling, psychological logic for human, human’s reaction, information filter, arts of speech, programing and codes.
What would you like to do in this class and project?
   I like to study everything that improves my skill in programing since I don’t have much knowledge on this field. And since I do interest in this topic so I believe we won’t have much problem on subject itself. For summery I want to learn everything in need from basic to mastery.
   And for project, I want to work on open-topic or anything that give us more space to express the idea since I don’t believe that fixed question will give us anything but a fixed answer.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Chutinan on February 20, 2011, 10:35:10 PM
Chutinan Kaewplang
section# 5281

To Arjan  :

I had submitted the file first on last Tuesday class but i've just seen today that the file had been deleted out from the forum. 
I guess it might because i had attached the file in order to submit you on this forum.

Since I haven't visited the website, I've just known from my friend that you don't allow students to attach the file but to copy
and paste all information down in this forum. So i resubmitted all the information to you once again.

It might be late but still hope that you will understand and will not deduct my mark.
Thank you very much.

Chutinan K.

The following is my assignment #1

 My ass#1

   My name is Chutinan Kaewplang I’m in 2years term 2, MY E-MAIL is vividie_forever@hotmail.com, and my high school is Assumption Commercial College (ACC) in major of Selling. After that I have attended to Assumption University(ABAC) in major of Visual Communication  arts for one and a half semester and other semester I have change to major of Business of Japanese  and after that I have decided to move and transfer to BUIC because of my health that not quite good since  was young and too much  when I was studied in ABAC major of Visual  Communication arts and cause of my health and cause of this major( Visual Communication art) is study hard and a lot of assignment  at that time my health was quite bad. Actually my mom not want me to study in Visual Communication art or major that similarly like this cause it a lot of work  and also cause of my health  So my  mom told me to change major  and after that  my health  was bad    and I have to drop for 1 term cause of my health. The reason is cause that I have a neoplasm at the uterus, it has grow up again after I had operated since I was study in ACC in 3years. The doctor not want to operation again cause I was too young and doctor give me to take a injection or medicine.  While I was drop in that semester I just realize that I like to design , to drawing , do about the arts , animation or all about that I have been study or work about that  and I have attended the class in course of  professional web design at Net design and I have told my mom that I also want to study  about the art or design similar as I have been study, my mom give me the choices that if I want to study in ABAC I have to study in major of BBA  or study in BUIC in major of Computer graphic & multimedia so I choose BUIC cause I like to study about cg , design , arts something about this. And now a day I also have to follow up with the doctor too, I also have a problem about my stomach and I also have been a “leukemia” since I was 1 year old, but now I already done and I also have to check and take care my self in special more than other because if I will sick I will get better I lately if compare with other people.  And I don’t mind to talk about my health to other teacher because I think it good for me to inform the teacher that teach me to know first because I always sick and every time that I sick I will submit the doctor’s certificate to the teacher that teach me and it for sure that I’m not lie coz my mom also know and I think teacher will understand me. And in every class I have try to do my best as much as I can. Even though I have been studied in Visual Communication arts but I also want to improve more, study more and get more experiences or more view as much as I can and I think even I not have good heath but I have do want I wan t, I have study what I like, I think I happy more than that I have to study in which that I not like and graduation in early. I just think about my future work after I graduate in side that I want and get job as I want. And that the things that i choose, I will try my best and absorb it and improve my skill more.   
      I had told you that I like in design, in arts and I also want to get more skill, get more experience, and also improve my self. I want to try it in what I never do or never know before, I think it’s a talent to me if I can it mean I grow up in one step and that it isn’t mean I’m good, I’m just do my best and do with love, I do cause I like and I hope that if we do any things with love or like that things will come out in good result. It’s might be that I have been drop and get many trouble and all of that make me to thing like that. And What I think that I will get from this course , I think I wish I will get more and improve more my skill and cool work for my portfolio for the future use of my goals.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Nisachon_Chaolertseree on February 22, 2011, 10:52:51 AM
My name is Nisachon Chaolertseree or you can call me ‘Film’. Now I’m officially 20 years old. I am not good in English. My personality is get bored easily. I’m graduated from Wattana Wittaya Academy. I spent all 15 years of education in this place and have the best memories there. In spare time I always playing computer, listen to the music, read a book. I also like to read the quotes for encourage me in some way. I like to take a photo but I use only ordinary digital camera.  Because I have been read the interview from one filmmaker and he said ‘we can be practice ourselves by use something that we have such a mobile phone’. So now I don’t want to spend money (especially it’s not my money) for buy something that I’m not sure with it. My dream is to travel in beauteous place around the world.In the future I want to be the director.
For this class I found that it is a very interesting subject even though I don't know much about it . I think code is hard to remember and confuse. By the way I will try my best for it because I known that it very helpful to do something in multimedia field.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: vithoon on February 22, 2011, 10:57:59 AM
Vithoon Mehra
#151 100 717 9
3rd year, Computer Graphic Student

My name is Vithoon mehra. I am born in Thailand and have lived here all my life.I have one twin sister and one elder brother. i adopted a Golden retreiver 2 years ago and i named him "Marley".  I am an Indian who have studied in India for 7 years, finished my HIgh school there and
 then Bangkok University after that. I opted for the Entrepreneurship program first when i join BUIC but then i felt that i Entrepreneurship isnt my thing and reconsider in
what i really wanted to study so then in my 2nd year i change my major to computer graphic. And i am very happy with my desicion. I like to be good at web designing someday.

As i am a 3rd year student i have been using photoshops, illustrator, flash, director alot. My favourite is director because its an intractive program. photoshop and illustrator is
ofcourse liked by every graphic designer because this two programs helps alot in many ways.  i also like 3D maya program because of some awesome tools in it. Studying computer graphic is all about being practical and using your creativity and thats the best part about it. I dont favour classes which is based on theory because i feel its really usless. When you are
practical at university then when u step out in the real world u atleast have experience of how things are suppose to be done.

From introduction to programming class, i would really love to learn lost of scripts which can come in handy when i use director or flash. Using script can be good because then
you can really do exactly what we want by just writing down the script. I know that not many people like script because nowdays we have actions and behaviour to take care of things
but it doesnt always help us. I am use to director program now with all the actions in it. but from this class i would really want to be better at director by studying about many differnt script.i feel it will help in the future when i do more complicated design in director. There is also many more information about many programs that i dont know so i really want to learn those from this class. All the tricks and technique would be handy if i really know them well.

This much introduction is a good start of knowing me . :)

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: phathisa.hatt on February 22, 2011, 02:09:02 PM
1521007151 Phathisa H.

About Me
My name is Phathisa Hattakitkosol, or you can call me Reena for short. I’m half Chinese, Indian and Thai and I was born and raised in Thailand. I finished my high school at Rasami International School and with an ok result of IGCSE I managed to study here at BUIC, of course for the major of Computer Graphics and Multimedia since art and computer are the things that I’m most interested in. I’m currently 18 and I’m a sophomore. I can speak 2 languages, English and Thai.
   I find Programming an interesting subject although I barely know much about coding and all that apart from HTML, therefore I’m expecting to learn so much from this class, all the basics towards the advance level of programming, so I hope Aj Poj would be able to help me on that. Programming is an important lesson for people who need to use computer daily, like graphic designers for example. I didn’t know you can adapt programming with designing programs such as Adobe Photoshop until I took the first class, so I’m very impress and hoping to learn more from this class.
   Since I don’t know much about programming, I’m not quite sure which type of programming I’d like to learn specifically; I just hope that Aj Poj would be able to lead me on that. Thank you.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective Wannasilp 1521006674
Post by: wannasilp on February 22, 2011, 05:27:24 PM
About me!
     My name is Wannasilp Yodsrimuang my nickname is Paint I was born in 29 Jan 1991 20 years old I come from College of fine Arts and then I study at Bunditpattanasilp Institute I learn about painting, sculpture, printmaking and then move to entrance in BUIC this University my major is Computer Graphic and Multimedia.
     In about my background, my family working about advertising work and working about arts, my father he like  to teach me when he doing art works so, I think I receive influence away from him, and my hobby is play game drawing painting about landscape view and I like to draw cat shape  I like to learn characteristic from it because I think it’s beautiful and perfect shape and I feel  that I interesting  cartoon animation too much it make me feel  want to study about computer graphic and animation 3D,2D.
     In conclusion, in the future I don’t know yet what I want to be, but  I think I have to practice too much for myself in the future.
  (Wannasilp Y. 1521006674)

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: vatus.k on February 22, 2011, 07:19:04 PM
Vatus Kriengkergkrai

About Me
I’m Vatus Kriengkergkrai or you can called me way. I was born in 1989. My collage school is Assumption Collage Thonburi. I really interest in art since I was young. I started learn about drawing since I am 8 years old. I found that drawing is most likely to be my favorite. I believed that people can do the best if they do the things they love.  After that, I have been studied English and Certificate in Graphic Design course in New Zealand for 2 years. During that time I really interest in graphic design especially how to creating magazine and poster. In the programming course, I really want study about how to create a game and also the program that can use for business. Anyway, I don’t really know how to create the program but I will try my best. 

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: jitsupa on February 23, 2011, 11:19:33 PM

Jitsupa Angsakulwong 1521006245

about me!
           My name is Jitsupa Angsakulwong, and everybody can call me “mook”. I’m 19year old. My high school is satriwitaya school at Din-sor Road Bangkok. I studied Eng-chinese program in high school. I like fashion design, I like to watch magazine , tv about fashion but I can’t to learn about it and I like computer, actually  I'm not good with the computer but I like the computer so I try to use and to learn. And I choose to learn about computer. And I find a university in Bangkok , I choose Bangkok university because first, it is a university in Bangkok. I can go home and my father didn't give allow faraway from home. Finally I choose computer graphic and multimedia major in Bangkok University. I don’t know how I can do but I want to try and now I’m happy.

         I like to try new programs and I like to study. I would like to learn about how to use program ,ex. Dropbox program I never knew this program at all. But I think the program is very easy and pleasant to use. And now I feel like then. I intend to study this class. And interest in the techniques taught. I hope to keep learning the tips of this class have much to apply.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Komen on February 24, 2011, 01:13:36 PM
Hello, my name is Komen Pattharapanich, 20 years old, single. I’m nobody but a regular guy who lives in Bangkok for my entire life. Almost forgot to tell my nick name which is Green but I don’t like it pretty much. It’s such a funny name so I created my own that is why I’m also known as ‘Slok’ in the online art community and I’m proud of that. I was once a student in Bangkok Christian College, which I enjoy pretty much to be in, because everything looks so international, but what is the most exciting thing in my life was an academic year in Newnan, Georgia at Newnan High school, it was awesome. I’ve learn so many useful technique that I never ever experience when I was in Thailand, I built many friends and family along the way as the time flies by. To be honest that I prefer to use English than Thai, sometimes I even feel like I was born in the wrong country, I’ve many foreigners friends either real life and online. All of them are such a lovable person. Anyway, there’s nothing so interesting anymore since I came back here but I think I got some opportunity to do similar things here in BUIC even though it’s not quite the same but good enough in my opinion. I really don’t care which university I have to be in, what matters is what exactly you got. It depends on you and your teachers of course.
   I dream to be one of the best and well-known animator of all time just like Walt Disney, and any other great animators, for instance, Richard William the one who animated “Who Frame Roger Rabbit” and his own master piece “The Thief and The Cobbler”. Not just that, I also wanted to created my own studio and publish all of my own creation for the world to see, and of course I wanted to be a director of my own movie. To be a perfect leader, I need to learn more about all things entertainment, which means need to be able to order and do it myself also, not just bossing around. I really interested in fine arts, animation both 2d and 3d, sculpting, game design, story boarding, and script writing which are only partial of any graphical product, and I extremely wanted to be a specialist in animation and script writing of my own product. That way I seek for more and more knowledge these days but it’s still hard to find all of them in Thailand. I have too many things to list about what influent me to do this kind of stuffs; it’s such a long story that is almost impossible to describe by words. It’s a work of passion and determination.
   According to what I said above, I actually would love to be able to work with a basic programming for my own product, I had study Visual Basic, C++, and Java, but I never use them and totally forgot how to use it nowadays. By the way, I still remembered how it works in loop though. What I really want to learn from this class is mostly about Flash action script and anything to do with Maya to improve my technical skills for creating games and a quite professional interactive program with pretty awesome effects. Don’t really want to create a brand new program, business data base, or something else that gives me a headache and doesn’t have anything to do with games and animation, do not want. I’m pretty sure that I can create a better product if I know how to write a computer language, I very excited and looking forward to study more in this class and eager to know more about programming.
   There are many more about me, but it’s going to be quite a waste of time cause it doesn’t involve programming, but basically I would like to learn almost anything in which animation is concerned.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Pakorn on February 24, 2011, 06:09:24 PM
My name is Pakorn Gritayarnon, and my nick name is “Gang”. I was born in Thailand on Monday 26 March 1990, I’m 20 years old. I have been studied in Saint Garbriel’s Collage since primary one to six. After that I moved to New Zealand to learn English language for almost two years, also I went to China and learning Chinese for half year too. I came back to Thailand and studied the rest of my high school in International School of Regent (ISR).  I finally graduated the General Education Department (GED) which is a program from USA education institution.

I choose to study Graphic Design because I love drawing and designing since I was a young. I remembered when I was kid, I always drawing cartoons in class, and now I still do that sometimes. I think that it is important to learn how to draw in computer because the world now is very technology, not many people draw and design on paper anymore.

I also really love animation movie such as, Shrek, Madagascar, The Incredible, and etc. I wish I can make this kind of movie when I grow up. Moreover, on my way to graphic designer, I found out that I also like to make the website or something like that in the internet. I think website is also a kind of art which have function to use.

Now I have been studying in BUIC for one and half years, and I have learnt many things about Graphic Design. The most favorite program which I most familiar is Adobe illustrator because this program is all about drawing. The second one is Adobe Photoshop because I can easily improve the image. I also already learnt about making website by using Adobe Dream weaver and Adobe Flash, but I’m not yet very good at it yet.
I wish I after this Principle of Programing course, I will learn many more about design, website, and program.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Natchana on February 24, 2011, 06:59:46 PM
My name is Natchana Matiyanon or you can call me Money..It's my nickname. My favorite color is Brown. I don't like to eat vegetables. I hate cockroaches and very big fish. I have acrophobia.  I was born in Bangkok, Thailand. I used to live in the U.S. for 4 years. I graduated from Fort Walton Beach High School. Right now I'm 3rd year of CG student. I am  interested in art but the most I'm interested in is Photography. Principle of programming is something new to me and I kind of bad at it, so I really do hope that I would get to learn more about it.

Natchana Matiyanon

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Post by: Bilguitei on February 25, 2011, 07:54:40 AM
Bilguitei Buyankhishig 1511008664
My name is Bilguitei Buyankhishig.My major is computer graphic.I have been staying in Thailand so far 2 years.I really enjoy staying here since I am learning a lot about computer graphic and making international friends.I graduated from mathematics and physics school when I was 16.After that,I joined university of communication technology in Mongolia.I started doing swimming since I was a little kid.I represented my country since i was 12 years old.I was in a world championship and asian games before.I stopped swimming since I came to Thailand. In my opinion the university was not good enough in Mongolia based on my experience. Therefore, I decided to come to Thailand since my cousin was working here.He started encouraging me to come to Thailand doing advertisement of Bangkok university international college.I have learnt a lot from BUIC  teachers so far.

Thailand is amazing place where I can meet many new and weird things.I have been trying to do the modeling in Thailand. My favourite application is after effect, cinema 4d,photoshop-high end techniques.And I wish I could learn advanced flash including making a website and cool effects.I am expecting to learn coding from this principle of programming class.I am really interested in studying action script at first.Because I think I can do some cool components based on simple action script.Furthermore,I am expecting to learn some HTML codes.I think it can be anything that I can learn from this class since I am not that worried about coding.Generally I am hoping that this class is going to be quite easy.Because coding isn’t big part of designing. Moreover during each class i want to learn coding technique of after effects,dreamweaver,flash and so on.Most interesting part is going to be flash action script.

In conclusion,this is all about me.I hope to learn a lot from this class since our ajarn Pod is teaching for us.I would love to say that I have learnt a lot from ajarn Pod.Furthermore,I am expecting to memorize many useful and necessary coding from this class.

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Post by: erngzerngz on March 19, 2011, 11:45:25 PM
Patsun Vara-ratanakul 1511001990 section 5281

   My name is Patsun Vara-ratanakul. My nickname is Erng. I am 21years old. I studied at American School of Bangkok. I was studying in Business English major, and then I changed to Computer Graphics and Multimedia.
   I love designing. I designed many stickers for car club, which most of them are my friends. The programs that I used are Photoshop and Illustrator. I don’t know much about programming. I don’t like writing scripts.
   What I want from this course is that I would be able to do some basic programming. I think it would be very useful.

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Post by: parkpoomc on March 21, 2011, 11:04:09 PM
My name is Parkpoom Chaitaveesuk , My nickname is Pro. I studied at Assumption Bangrak. I joined BUIC after i graduated. I was studying in Communacation Arts and then i moved to Computer Graphic because i think Computer Graphic is fun and creative. Illustrator is my favaurite program. I love drawing and design. My hobby is drawing, painting , playing guitar , watching movie and read comic. When i graduate i want to be a part of SMALLROOM record or WORK POINT company. I dont like to do about script but i will try my best and i hope i will learn a lot of knowledges while i'm study in this subject. PS. This semester i have senoir project class that would have a lot of works and i will graduated next semester ( if i pass every subjects )

Parkpoom Chaitaveesuk

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Kavinnantaseri on March 22, 2011, 11:05:11 AM
Hello teacher, My name is Kavin Nantaseri. Nick name is "Win". My birthday is January 30th 1989. I'm single. I went to Assumption College until grade 9. Then i went abroad to Unionville Highschool, Philadelphia for my 10th grade. Then Lambrick Park secondary school, Victoria, Canada for 11th and 12th grade.

After that i applied here in Bangkok university in Computer graphics and multimedia major. Personally i have the interest in using all the gadgets such as computer, cameras, video cameras, etc. I am also interested in music composing too as now i'm a drummer in a band since grade 9.

Since i have been in Graphics major i started to love cameras and taking pictures also video. Then i get to learn websites making and useful programs in computers.

For me in the future i wanna work with musicians and making videos as i think they are the right kind of people for me.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: kourosh on March 22, 2011, 11:20:01 AM
My name is Kourosh I am a third year student. I am an Iranian. Come from Tehran. I love traveling so from 9 years ago i just considered on visiting other countries.I love Computer Graphic and  all its fields. Although I have passed a complete courses about Air industry such as Ticketing and reservation system and  already got 4 years experience for working in an Airline But, Computer major specially Graphic make me fell alright.
I have decided to study Master Degree after I will graduate.

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Post by: tkmaytus on March 22, 2011, 11:36:52 AM

             My  name  is  Maytus Chernpipat  you  can  call  me  Tak. I was  born  in  10  October  1989.  My  nationality is  thai  but  I  had  been  move  to  many  places  because  my  parents  had  to  travel  all  over  the  world  on  their  career  life. My  personal  goal  is  to  be  a main  Dj  for  the  imbiza  event  in  Amnesia Italy. I’m  a  student  but  I’m  also  work  as  the  Dj  for  the  xulu  company  that  organize  the  party  with  electronics  music  for  all  around  south  east  asia, actually  I   would  love  to  do  it  as   my  full  time  job  but  my  parent  were  disagree  they  want  me  to  finish  school  first  and  that  make   sense  for  me.

              I  were  born  in  Bangkok,  Thailand  land  but  in  the  age  of  2 years  old  I  had  move  to  lived  with  my  aunty  in Hong Kong  until  I  was  5  years  old  I  move  back  to  Bangkok  to  have  my  first  grade  in  KIS   international  school. I   move  to  lived  in  the  state  after  I  finish  my  9th  grade  to  the  high school  in Keylargo  Miami  I  had  the  tuff  time  there  it’s  the  first  time  I  have  to  live  my  life  by  my own  way  which  is  struggle  for  the  guy  in  my  age, I  work  in  the  NumThai  Restuarent.  I  start  working  as  a  Dj  since  I  was  in  grade  11  before  I  had  been  kicked  out  from  school  by  broke  the  schools  rule,  I  continue  my  study  life  by  study  GED  until  I was  graduate  high  school,  then  I   move  back  to  Thailand  and  have  my  college  at  Abac  before  I  transfer  here. The  main  reason  I  had  to  move  from  Abac  is  my  job, even  I  always  had  to  work  in  the  night  time  but  if  the  event  is  locate  in  Bangkok  I  am  always  be  on  time  in  class  but  most  of  the  event  I  did  are  out  of  Bangkok  some  time  my  job  took  me  out  the  country  but  I  consider  that  benefits  me.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: kitiphorn_k on April 04, 2011, 11:19:59 AM
A Freelance Photographer, Graphic Designer, Web developer and Illustrator.
I create everything from packaging, brochures, and books to convention banners,
corporate identities (logos), and websites. I was born in bangkok on the 1st of october.
I am a very passionate about art and photography and i am looking to improve in the near future!!

Kitiphorn Khanijou

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: natthida on April 04, 2011, 11:47:26 AM
Name :  Natthida  Anannurak ( 1521001303 )
My Background :
   I was born in Samutprakarn but I move in Bangkok in order to study in high school ( Srivikorn school ) , when I was graduated grade 6. Although I have lived in Thailand and I was been Thai. But my family still have their own Chinese culture from my father ( He comes from Hong Kong ).  Why did I decide to study at BUIC in Computer Graphic & Multimedia? Because of my art skill in illustration, digital painting, etc. And I feel happy when I have been learning both graphic fields and English, although I lack some knowledge like IT or many techniques of computer. In addition, I interest in photography and mixed media too.
What would you like to do  in this class and project ?
   I accept myself that I have lack skill in computer programming a lot. Because I spent my times to practice drawing for illustration when I had studied in high school. I can use only HTML in computer class at grade 11. However, I had read information about computer graphic in magazine like CG+, Computer Art Thailand or some website in Portfolio.net that there are many interview column from some artist that use computer programming in their work such as Web design or motion graphic in After Effect. So I might make the project about motion graphic by use script in graphic program in Photoshop, Flash and After Effect

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: suvit on April 04, 2011, 11:54:39 AM
   My name Suvit Suthamtarikul,you can call me 'Tan' i'm just a regular university boy thats like to party a lot!my hobbys is go clubbing,however eventhou in party a lot at night
but i never forget my study too ,i never skip class.now i'm in second year of computer graphics.my favorite program is illustrator.i like drawing and make graffiti stuff.my future
career is to be designer/animator.
   when i was young i been to many places around the world because my parent work in abroad .i was born in thailand born after i was born i lived in usa for 5 years in maryland
then i moved back to thailand and study in thai christian school .when i was grade 6 i moved to vajiravudh college .it's similiar to military school.it's very fun to live in a borading school
becuase i live my friends.when i i'm in grade 10 i move to study in an art school in cecina/italy .i love art ,art is my life.in my free time i love to do graffiti on trains and walls.
when i come back to thailand i did GED my diploma.after i finish my ged exam i enter bangkok university right away.i choose computer graphic not art faculty because i think
computer graphics can make more money than a normal artist that doesn't know how to use computer.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: 1521001683 on April 04, 2011, 11:57:06 AM
My name is Anupun Wimonrut. I was born on 8 November 1990. I study at Bangkok Christian College.
My email is Black_Armor_Revan@hotmail.com but I rarely chech it so I better starting to care of this.
I learn about 3D animation for some years ago. It'll take a lot to achive master rank but it's not too hard.
However, modeling and animeting skill is not enough if the goal is to be archived.Programing is
demanded for this. What's the capibility of programing? Maybe creating a specific software or modifying
others program for fun or other purposes. What can I learn from such a miraculous subject is beyon
guessable, however, before the end of the subject I wish that I'll have something cool that I could
store it in my portfolio for I'm tire of having only an empty paper. If I'm to know of what I can expect
from this major, first, I must know of what this major is capable of and the only way I can truly know
is that I must get in to it first.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: 1521004695 on April 04, 2011, 12:05:21 PM
My name is Lapatrada Siravanadorn. My nick name is “Aor”. I was born on 6th of December 1989, I’m 21 years old. I was studyin in King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi in a major of Architecture. I studied there for one year and then I moved to study here (BUIC). At first i really don't like to study here cause an environment and a society is really different from my ex university. I've to adjust my self a lot. Now I'm ok with it. I meet a plenty of new friends here.

I choose to study Graphic Design because I can transferred every credit from my ex university, and also I like to do a graphic design, but not multimedia before. But after a while when I really did a multimedia like making a movie or animation, I realise that it wan't that bad. I really like to use  Adove after effet it's really useful program when I edited movie and also Adobe director. Program that I familiar the most is photoshop. The most difficult subject that I have to deal with is website for business, I had a tough time in that class cause it's really difficult to make a Click-and-Click business. Anyway I think I got lots of lessons from that class.

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Post by: pema1511007385 on April 04, 2011, 12:07:56 PM
Pema Dorjee

My name is Pema Dorjee.I am from the kingdom of Bhutan.I am a third year computer graphics and multimedia student studying here in Bangkok University.
I like playing soccer and watching movies.After graduating from here i would like to become a graphic designer or a movie editor.
i have learned  about a lot of programmes/soft wares but the ones that i feel more confident and easy to work with are Adobe photoshop,
illustrator, flash, 3D maya and so on..i still have a lot to learn and improve my skills in this field of work and I'll give in my best to achive it.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Kuenzang on April 04, 2011, 12:21:43 PM
My name is Kuenzang Thinley and I am from Bhutan. I Studies my high school in Bhutan and I came here to study Computer Graphics and Multimedia so that i could work in the movies back home. I like to take photographs of people and sceneries and I play football and Basketball for phycical activities. I would like to study adobe director,photoshop, Aftereffects and other softwares to do with movie. I really like to work in movies as an editor or animator so that I could make good effects.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: Chaiwat on April 18, 2011, 09:06:52 AM
My name is Chaiwat Ponchua and can call me "A". I’m from Makudtmuangratchawittayalai School in Rayong.

 I want to be a Graphic Designer & Fashion Designer, Because I want to create my own design, the way to apply color and patern. But I just want to know how to make a program or game. I hope so when I have finish this class I can create the program & understand how to use and can repair when some program have any problem. I want to be successful in my work and doing my own bussiness.

Chaiwat Ponchua

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: joshualee on January 11, 2012, 11:08:20 AM
Hi everyone!  My name is Joshua Lee Sullivan and you can call me Josh.  I'm from Davis, California and am currently a freelance web designer.  I created my company Hi-Fai Interactive to showcase some of my past projects and explain some of the services I offer. I use Fireworks, Photoshop and Dreamweaver for my creative development.  I build most of my sites with the Wordpress platform, but also have some project using Joomla and Drupal.  I came to BUIC to improve my basic design skills and also look forward to learning more about HTML5 and Javascript to improve my overall web development.

Title: Re: Assignment I : Profile and Objective
Post by: somayeh.saha on January 22, 2013, 12:50:15 PM
      somayeh saharkhiz (sarah)


      The first assignment

    the principles of programming was nice classes i learn some things from my classes such as ;
    formats; RGB and CMYK,colors,raster,vector,pixels,lines,....

    for example; raster or bitmap use in photoshop and we use pixels and if we want to print our
    design in big size the quality wasn't good and we can see the pixels  :(

    vector it's not like raster we can use it on large size .

     We use it in adobe illustrator and in design and it's not like raster ,point ,it's line and good   
     resolution and good for large sizes :) 
     post script is describe the pictures with resolutions .
     resolution in vector is in depended .

     I didn't take the color theory courses but i learned some thing about colors in this classes and i

     i know that should be useful for my process.   :) 

     Also my professor taught me about Adobe flash professional cs3 ,i didn't know any thing about
      it .i think it was so great and i'm really looking forward to use this software.

     I'm so happy about this program because next section we are going to use camera :D

     and i'm really interested to learn more from this class .
     thanks alot